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Turbo Dismounts

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The main goal of the game Turbo Dismounts is to score as many points as possible. You receive points by crashing Mr. Dismounts and there are a lot of different, fun and innovative ways of crashing him. For instance, send Mr. Dismount into a journey of pain and misery by putting him on the back of a monster truck sending him over a highway, into a pool of oil, just to see him crash. Stear left and right, dismounts at various different speeds or just crash – you decide. After crashing and burning you receive points called damage points. Those points you use to climb the leaderboard to become the greatest of them all. Points are given varying the length of your run, height travelled, objects crossed, speed and of course how you crash.

The many various levels gives the player lots of options and scenarios to experience and experiment with. This means that there are endless options to how the player might hurt Mr. Dismount. Turbo Dismounts is not a hard game nor is it a challenging mind-struggle, but what is serves for the player is lovely relaxation served as destruction. The game has no age limit, so no matter how old or young you are, Turbo Dismount might be for you, whether you like explosions, speed or creativity. You have the options to create your own levels, which gives the game a whole new dimension of gameplay. So once you are through all of the levels, and you find them boring, you can spend hour after hour creating your own universe – just to find that it is only your own imagination, which sets the limits. All that there is left to say is – Get Ready, Set Dismounts!

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